UMW-OG continues sustainability initiatives with green CSR activities

14 & 19 December 2017

As part of its on going sustainability initiative and overall concern for mother nature, UMW-OG recently organised a tree planting and fish release activity in collaboration with UPM’s Faculty of Environmental Studies on 14 and 19 December respectively.

Trees help protect our waterways by stabilising soil and using nutrients that would otherwise wash into waterways. Trees also provide oxygen and help moderate temperature and muffle noise.

The activity saw participants planting over 30 saplings of rare local variants. Participants were briefed on the correct and proper way to plant the saplings. This was crucial as each tree has its own canopy diameter which will influence other surrounding and neighbouring trees.

The second part of the activity the following week had participants release over 600 various species of fish; which included jelawat, lampam sungai and kerai just to name a few.

Joined by members of the faculty and UPM students, the main objective was to help improve the water environment and promote the sustainability of the lake’s ecosystem which already plays hosts to otters, snails and storks.

The activity was topped off with a visit to UPM’s very own fruit orchard, where participants were allowed to pluck rambutan, pulasan, langsat, and dokong among others before settling down to enjoy their fruits of labour (pun intended!).